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  • Freddy is the big seven-three today. Wishing you a very joyful day!

    do you happen to know a one pocket player from Detroit area(maybe), paul??, play good one handed one pocket ? has a black panther tattoo? maybe in s Carolina?
    Hope it's a great day for you, Freddy. Birthdays are special! I hope you enjoy yours with loved ones and good cheer!

    Did you know my mother in law Lori Shampo? If so do you have any pictures videos etc of her? I am trying to do a scrap book for my husband and am having a really hard time finding things for it as my husband doesn't have many pictures or anything of her. If so please email me my names shianne my email is
    Best wishes to you, Freddy, for a very special day today. I hope this birthday is filled with joy.

    Mr. Beard,
    Hey I've got both your books,and love them! So much info.
    I just got both your video's today,gonna start watching tonite.
    My question is do you have any other books or video's in the making?
    Did you get my question sent Sat (?) -- Who's the oldest player still in the action?
    I posted a question:
    5) Who’s the oldest player still in the action?
    Possibly Grady but contact Freddy the Beard, he'll have a pretty good idea who.
    So Freddy, any help / ideas?
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