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  • Thanks for the input. Something for me to think about. Any advice where I can purchase brand new gully pockets for a GC? I know classicbilliards sells them for $180. Just wondering if you know anything cheaper.
    How is playability of the Velocity Pro since you installed it on your GC? I have been leaning towards purchasing and installing it on my GC mainly due to its affordability compared to Simonis. If they play closely similar, then Velocity Pro will be my choice. Just about done with my table, deciding on the cloth right now.
    I know of all 3 options you have out there and if you're including the carom room that isn't even in rockford. I refuse to go to the RBC and state n' madison is just sad truth be told. Just as a heads up I run a 10 Ball tournament in West Dundee on Monday nights that has started off pretty well so whether you move to the burbs again or stay in rockford you should come out... Chances are I probably know you whats your full name.. We've probably even played eachother a few times. My name is Joe I live in hampshire... If you don't know me I' sure we know a lot of the same old guys from rockford :) for example...who doesn't know harold roberson? lol wish I could say otherwise though ;) haha ttyl
    please check PM for friend request , also - did you get a raffle spot for jacoby titlist?
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