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    FS Tim Scruggs cues /3 shafts

    I want to sell TS cues Please look photo I am a Taiwanese , cues in Taiwan now Any questions PM me Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    box point?

    Hi,everybody, I want make a box point cue, anyone can teach me how to make it? like this Thanks
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    Where to buy this?

    Where to buy this?
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    FS 96 Tim scruggs cue

    FS 96 Tim scruggs cue. 3 shaft 5/16-14 pin. No.1 29", 13mm, 4.0oz, ivory ferrule, made in Taiwan best factory. No.2 28-3/8", 12.9mm, 3.7oz, ivory ferrule, original shaft. No.3 27-3/4", 12.8mm, 3.7oz, LBM ferrule, original shaft. Butt 29", 15oz, ebony joint collars, 4 ebony point, 4 veneers...
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    FS Early Joss West cue

    FS Early Joss West cue This cue is 57". Shaft and butt are both 28.5". Shaft is 3.9oz and 4.0oz, butt is 16.3oz. The joint protectot is Ivorine-4, The butt cap is compomnents, they are not the ivory. cue is sold. Any more question? Please PM or email to me.
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    F/T Early Joss West cue

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    WTB-Yellow Micarta Joint Collars Tim Scruggs Cue

    I am looking for a yellow micarta joint collars Tim Scruggs cue , or other custom cue . I hope it has 4 points . Pm pics and price to me , thanks !