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    Wood vs. Carbon Fiber cue ball squirt (with a twist)

    Depending on size, taper, ferrule, etc. some maple shafts deflect less than others. That being said every CF shaft i've test-hit (about seven types) has deflected less(sometimes a lot) than any solid shaft i've had on hand. Some of those were fairly small with short, light ferrules and the cf...
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    Pocket Advice, please

    No way he's gonna get it done RIGHT at that price.
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    Ivory in cues, now What?

    Not illegal to possess. Selling and shipping is what regs cover.
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    Threads For Strickland Signature Cuetec?

    No clue. Contact them: 3/8x14 has been their thread for some time. If you get a Cynergy be sure to measure joint diameter. They make a couple sizes, 20 and 21.3mm.
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    Ivory in cues, now What?

    HUH???? 'Property rights'????? Good luck with that case. Look, the ban(s) were enacted to try to stop the slaughter of animals just so their teeth/tusks could make pretty stuff. You ever seen how they do it?? They shoot the elephant, walk up and saw off the tusks and walk away from the rest. In...
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    Cue l ogo

    Asian import cue. Not worth much.
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    Help identifying father’s pool table.

    Imported table. 500bux maybe.
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    What makes a Worsted cloth Worsted?

    The wool is from Worstead, the sauce from Worcester. Don't mix 'em up. ;)
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    What makes a Worsted cloth Worsted?

    Yes. All Simonis(and Champ. TourEdition, CPBA, ANDY, Granito) use worsted wool. Usually from one of these:
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    Pool Tbl Brnd?

    Might be a Columbia. Might call Ken and ask:
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    Gandy pool que I’m trying to find more information on.

    Linen can be pressed/finished as to feel really slick. You can starch and press it to where you can't even feel the threads.
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    What makes a Worsted cloth Worsted?
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    Tips on playing 7 foot diamonds?

    The older red-label tables bank short but not horrible. Newer blue-label play fine imo. Diamonds have deeper shelves than Valleys. Just aim at the middle. ;)
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    LD and Power

    I do the same test buts its still not the most accurate way. Very hard if not impossible to strike the ball exactly same way time after time. No offense but i'm going with Predator's explanation.
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    Origin Cup.... Final- Dennis vs. Baseth

    Great match with a crazy ending.