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  • I got a Frey sneaky from you and I am thinking about getting another shaft. Would I need to send the butt to him or can he make one that will match without?
    Was wondering if you have any sneaky petes left? If so can you please pm me back... Thank you
    Hi gk, my name is Roger. I saw your Frye Sneakys for sale and I am very interested in the ebony into birds eye. Im checking to see if that cue is still available. If so id like to see if it is possible to line up a meet where possibly I could hit a few balls with it before purchase. Im located not too far from you in Baltimore. I've had MANY cues over the years and out of all of them my fav is an older Frye s/p - loved it and wish I had never sold it. Anyway please pm me at your convenience and lmk. If it is no longer available do you have a timeframe when the next shipment will be in? Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you. Have a great night.
    Hey GK my name is Tim and I saw that you are from Alexandria Va . I am from Manassas Va when I am not deployed to Afghanistan . I am always looking for people in the NOVA area to meet who share the same passion in pool . I would be honored if you were to friend me so when I get home from the sand pit I could hook up for some cold beer and some games of pool. Thanks Tim
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