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  • I am putting the jensen back up for sale or trade if you might be interested.
    I don't remember if i left you possitive feedback on our transaction? Let me know.Thanks,exoldschoolpro-Billy Kuykendall.
    cue shipped today should be there monday per ups tracking 1z004w9r0345856605
    How do I leave you great feedback? Thanks again, Michael. Hits like my old one. Great transaction.
    im trying to see how much mike johnson will charge me to make a matching break/jump hopefuly it's not to pricey.
    I just recieved the jensen today getting ready to try it out it is in great shape thanks for such a smoothe trade. Hopefully it plays as nice as it looks. Lol
    I'm not realy sure? I know that funny to say, but I love this cue and Mike was such a great friend. Mike and I were talking before he passed about selling this cue. He said not to take a dollar less then $7,000. Mike said for months this was one of his fav. cues and if someone came to him to make it again it would be $7,500. So to answer your question, I don't know. I do know it would need to be over $7,500. Anything less then that and I would keep it and get a loan for any money I may need. Thank you for your iterest in Mikes cues. I wish everyone could get to play with one of his cues. They are great. Matt
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