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  • Greg is the birthday boy. Wishing you and your lovely wife all the very best in the coming years. Bless you and yours always.

    Had to change that damn food poisioning title with a new post. Where do they get off talking shit about my favorite tournament! Hope this post finds you and your family well. Take care Greg!
    Greg, I'm sure you've done the work but I'll ask, Is it feasible to build a 10' Diamond one piece slate and move it around? If so, can you build just one custom and what is the cost? The match with Earl and Shane last night was fantastic. I think the future for these matches on a 10' table has a lot of potential for a live PPV in the future. The one thing that was lacking, besides good commentators was a Professional table like only Diamond can do. The Brunswick table they used was okay but the slate, and the cut of the pockets had an effect on the game and the play. I've heard you say this many times before and it was proved this weekend. Thank you for all you do. Oh, and what about the heaters for Earl. :).
    Greg, you're probably busy as a bee right now, getting ready for the Derby, but I hope you take time to enjoy your birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    sorry the place isn't big enough for 7fts and 3c tables, nor enough 9fters IMO....I'll be talking to Harrahs and looking at their other 54 casinos for another tournament with room enough for all the things I'd like to do..possibly a tour might develope...thanks, Greg
    dates are jan.22-30--2010...I'll be posting more on the DCC on AZ...looking foreward to seeing you there..Greg
    Hi Greg, I'm figuring on attending the DCC for the first time in Jan 2010. Will you be announcing when the deal is finalized and when I can make my reservation?
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