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  • If my name helps, more power to you. I've been good. Living life in Colchester. Joined an APA team out here. How's life for you?
    Hi Greg, maybe you can help me with a situation. I sold a Predator shaft to biglumberjack, and he said he had to transfer money into his PayPal account and should take one or two days and I agreed to that. I send PM'S with my PayPal address, which is also listed in the add to no avail. It seems as though my messages are'nt going through. My PayPal address is Could you send him a PM, I tried so many times. Thanks --Larry
    Greg thats funny. This my dream cue,hope it plays as well as it looks. I bought it for $750.00. After all these years of playing,I just realized I play better with a steel piloted joint.Almost every flatface cue sends reverberations back to me and is distracting.I recently bought two Olney cues and had to sell them.Lucky not to lose money. One month ago I played in a senior A & A+ tournament in Shooters,53 entrants and I won using a Predator sneaky pete with a steel joint. Regards,Larry
    Hi Greg, I think we know each other.Well,anyhow I just bought the Jensen cue from Danktree. If I had Mike Johnson make a cue to my specs it would be ,Hoppe style,19 ounces,two shafts,on 12 mm and the other 12:75,ivory ferrules and 4 veneered points and there it was ready made.---Larry Gendler
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