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    WTB Diamond Professional with 4-1/8 pockets

    Anyone happen to have a table that matches these specs in Dallas that they would like to sell? need the 3 piece slate
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    WTB Diamond Pro with 4-1/8 pockets - Dallas

    duplicate. Removed
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    WTB Predator 5k-8 Butt

    Look for a 5k-8 if anyone has one in near mint condition
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    Austin, tx players and places to play

    I am in Austin for the next few nights and would love to play some. Where are the nice places to play. Particularly, tight 9 ft diamonds
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    graphic artist for logo

    looking for a quick easy logo to be created any graphic artists out there? thanks Greg
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    Steve Lomax - 1 shaft

    I originally bought this cue from steve a few years ago and sold it to a friend of mine. He recently sold it back to me as he was short on funds he tried to sell it here but no go: Link I am just going to offer this cue...
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    Predator BK3 and LE-3 FS

    Selling my personal LE-3 as i am gonna move to an LE-4 Predator LE-3 19 oz Radial Pin Vantage Shaft Very light use 525 plus ship and fees Predator BK3 Brand new took in on trade 18 oz 375.00 shipped - buyer plays fees more photos available - the site won't let me upload from my ipad as...
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    Scruggs for sale - radial pin ivory joint hoppe

    **SOLD**Scruggs for sale - radial pin ivory joint hoppe **SOLD** I picked this up 2-3 weeks ago and am ashamed to sell it already. But spring groundhog season is here and I need reloading stuff Pic included more pics available to those interested via email One ding, mark on one of the...
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    Cue ID? Told it was a Jerry Rauenzahn

    Can anyone verifiy this is a Jerry Rauenzahn but i didn't see the typical -R- on the cue.... thoughts? Greg
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    Can you guys ID this cue

    I know this is a long shot but anyone have any clue what this cue might be ? Thanks Greg
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    Looking for a Particular Ivory Flat Face Scruggs cue I used to own

    I sold my Scruggs on this site back in 2010 or 11 and i am looking to see if anyone has it or knows where it is. I have a photo coming as soon as i dig it out of my backups but its specs were: 6 point - 3 hi 3 low flame veneers BEM forearm Full ivory radial pin flat faced Black Linen wrap...
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    JD Cue - Ebony with Snakewood Pts - 6 Point Cue

    Up for sale is my new as of last week, UNPLAYED JD cue bought it from Joel and Love it but looking for a different design 58" cue with standard 29" shafts Standard Triangle tips 3/8x10 pin Phenolic collar and butt cap Ebony forearm and butt sleeve High Figure snakewood points Embossed Leather...
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    Places to play in Houston?

    Hey all Visiting the gf in Houston next week. Any good places to play near the energy corridor ? Near woodway? Greg
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    Mike webb 6-pt w/ ivory

    Mike Webb cue for sale. ~19.2 oz 4 shafts 2 standard - ivory ferrules - Kamui black tips 2 of the new OB plus pro 11.75 shafts Ivory joint 3/8 pin 6 point - 3 hi 3 low All white is ivory Leather wrap Coco points and butt sleeve Bumperless Ivory hoppe ring Got a good deal on this ultra rare 6...
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    Right Handed - Left Eye Dominate - Also posted in Instruction

    Right Handed - Left Eye Dominant - Also posted in Instruction Hey guys I am in a pickle All year, I have been seeing great improvement in my game. I am almost to the point were i can beat the ghost on a 4 1/8 in diamond table. However, About 3 weeks ago I woke up and I can't shoot a ball...