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  • Sir.. will you please look at my cue I have posted here? I'm trying to identify the maker thank you,James
    Mike, remember Big Spring,Texas, about 1973? Webb Air Force Base? John Wesley Martin
    hi mike, i´m interested in ya reconditioned sledgehammer, please be so kind and sent me an email to manuelsuden@gmail.com for further contact,
    bw Manni
    Happy Holidays,

    this is your eletronic Christmas card, I'm sending it to all my friends here and other people I dont know(yet), I'm in the Christmas Spreait this year!!! And want to share that gret feeling with my friends and pool player I havent met yet!!! 09 was a brutal year for all of us, so a litle joy now is what the Dr. ordered!!!

    I wish you to have a happy Christmas and a great 2010!!!

    shoot straight, and my best regards

    Eric aka Fatboy
    I played with the cue Dennis used in the M-Cup for about 2 hours, WOW!! I knew your a great cue maker, I didnt realize you made cues as elaborate as that cue, the quality of your work is first rate +. I am very very impressed. It plays as good as any world class cue I have ever hit a ball with and thats several million dollars worth of cues over the years. Dennis mentioned that he wanted the M-Cup scrimed on the joint before he was elected as MVP, so I'm sure he wants that joint scrimmed with the history that cue created. I'm so happy for you to have your work on the world stage, and that cue from a distance talks(meaning it looks great and dosent dissapear like some cues do from 30' away.

    my email is EP90210@hotmail.com

    phone is 702-241-8000

    Drop me a email sometime, we met once for 10 seconds at Q-Masters in 08.

    eric petersen AKA Fatboy
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