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  • Mike Vanatta. And if you find anyone that knows me, and they tell you anything about me, it's all lies! :p
    I'm assuming "Mindrot, ND" means Minot. I lived in Grand Forks for four years and currently live next door in East Grand Forks (on the Minnesota side of the river). Nice to see a fellow North Dakotan/Minnesotan on the forum. :)

    Hi gwjackal,

    I'm launching my all caroms internet store Aug 1. So, please keep that under your hat. However, I am a dealer for Longoni, Layani, and Stradivarius.

    Here are their sites. Give me a model # or name and I will give you pre-grand opening prices.

    These three cue makers are high end, well built, and primarily carom.


    Steve Andersen
    Traffic Control Caroms
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