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  • thanks for the Christmas message, its great not being in Vegas/LA but man its cold here in Germany, I love it here, The only thing is they cant play bank pool-lol. Otherwise its great the people at the pool room's are first class people, I have made a few new friends. Its much different than America in the pool rooms, no action to speak of, but the people are nice they arnt working a angle to make a move on you etc. Saw one $ cue here, I damn near brought mine and didnt(I f*cked up there), WTF I was thinking I dont know I had it out etc.

    Kelly got the flu real real bad on the 23rd so Christmas really didnt happen, but she is better now thats the main thing.

    my very best to you and thx again for the massage,
    hey man, give ol Fatboy a call one of these days sooner than later. I dont get up til 2-3 your time. I need to talk to you about a shaft. 702-241-8000 anytime up to mignight is cool, i dont check voice mail. I lost your number when I switched phone carriers about 15%-20% of my numbers went poof!!! sadly you were part of the Poof!!!!


    eric :)
    hey man, I appologise-I missed your call, I been busy bouncing between vegas/la-i need to square up with you ASAP, call me or my girl Kelly 702-336-2233 she is easieer to get because my phone dosent awalys work right so I dont get a call if i'm on the phone and i miss the call, I cant flip over to it cause i dont know its there. Kelly can sort it out.
    email me at ep90210@hotmail.com

    i forgot to straighten out with you this week, i appologise, i need your mailing addy
    wow im consistant, i didnt read the message below the one i just wrote, perhaps being in bed the whole day before explaines why i couldnt sleep, there is another reason too. my back feels like i never had a problem(but thats just luck-but i am still on the improve)

    talk to you in the earily afternoon, i will call you when i get up.
    sorry i didnt call, i will tomarrow when i get up, i didnt sleep last nite-and i took enough sleeping pills to make Michael Jackson happy back in the day. I stayed in bed all day-I got up at 6am to take JB to the airport and been up since, 17.5 hours in bed, i didnt play today.

    i will call you for sure tomarrow, i wont forget, the cue needs different tips, the rubber isnt matching the wheel in this case, i will tell you more about it tomarrow, its spot on. and a success for sure.
    hey man, i was sick and asleep all day today, I'm ok now. I have to go to a meeting at 11 tomarrow, I will call you after that. Those tips are horrible, its the luck of the draw with Triangle tips, when you get a good one hold on to it-just like a woman. Cue has been getting great reviews-I wont and cant say in public who, i will tell you on the phone, but we need to match a proper tip to that cue to get the most out of it.


    Eric AKA Fatboy
    Brad just knocked me down, in 2 months we will be on the second page-this sucks.
    For the Game I really like Brad, but he too wioll get pushed down soon as the next person max's out

    we have to get some cooperation from the owners to fix the REP game, its going to drive traffic way down.
    i refered a potential customer to you:


    he sent me a message and the link above is my reply, i dont have pm's here.

    i'm burning up to go play with the new cue, i will tonight, yesterday i had to give my back a rest. Its getting better forsure.

    Man that cue you built me is great, I know you cant possibly use shaft wood that great on every cue that goes out the door-it just aint there. when that cue gets real old it will be beyond amazing, that wood will sweeten up, but even now I know its a monster player. you nailed it 100%(except the tips are a bit tall-LOL)
    thx for the REP in the "Biz" thread, I just wanted to give them something to think about, sadly most people wont bother to read it. But seriously they knock this guy for dumping the bar tender, yet they celebrait when they win a gambling match, there is a difference but not big enough to make a issue of. I was board today so I wrote that, best eric
    give me a call when you have a few minutes please, 702-241-8000, no hurry.

    hope your good today.

    eric :)
    Hey, Tommy!
    Thanks for looking after me, my friend. Anyone arriving here out of curiosity - you've found one of the very best of the best here on AZ, or anywhere.
    All the best,
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