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  • Jim, I got caught up with work and apologize for not sending you the infos I promised.

    If you're still in Taipei, you should check out this pool hall at Ximen:

    Here's the info:
    Chinese: 萬華區漢口街二段54號B1
    English: B1, No. 54號, Section 2, Hankou St, Wanhua District, Taipei City, 108

    For cues you can check these stores out:

    全揚 (CY Billiard Supplies)
    Chinese: 新北市板橋區文化路一段333號B1 (樓上是第一銀行)
    English: B1, No.333, Section 1, Wenhua Road, Banqiao District, New Taipei City

    集利 (Gili Billiards)
    Chinese: 新北市板橋區光武街36巷17號1F
    English: 1F, No.17, Alley 36, GuangFu Street, Banqiao District, New Taipei City

    DSL Cues
    Chinese: 台北市大同區庫倫街27號
    English: No.27, KuLun Street, Datong District, Taipei City

    I hope that still help you find what you want in your remaining days in Taiwan.

    It's been nice talking with you, Bud, I will give you a visit one of these days. Mary's never seen Hawaii, and my best friend is do to move back there in a few months. Aloha, and Play Well
    I'm not a young guy... I'm an old guy>>>>> I go to brian's every Wednesday evening for shooters night. That being said, I won't be there for the next 2 weeks. But I am a cue builder. Been at it since 1992. I usually play with Dean Kipi on wednesdays. Drop in sometime and check out my work. Love to meet you.
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