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    My New Varney Cue

    nice cue , yeah kevin is a great guy. and master at cue making.
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    Leon Sly

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    Original Joss Color of Money Cue

    cues are like anything else its only worth what someone is willing to pay for it . throw out a ridiculous price you might have some idiot buy it . ya never know.
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    Dale perry rant

    because he pissed off some folks doing his business his way. nothing wrong with that. but people act like babies , do you want some french cries to go with the waaaaaaaaaburger. ps - i dont own any dp cues nor do i know who he is. some folks would be better to live by the words better to...
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    What is the correct decision?

    yep your buddy won , the other guy should have got flogged.
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    pool cue mystery

    im thinking pictures would be helpful im just saying
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    Will ivory joint crack?

    :rotflmao1: :rotflmao1:
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    Stolen Cues

    alot of scummy folks in the world and sorry about that . i will keep eye out
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    Josey Fans

    they are sweet, but i never got to where liked it much and dunno why but they are nice.
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    Blackcreek is so SWEET

    very nice - what kind of coin did that set you back if i may ask ?
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    eBay Dale Perrys

    that is a nice looking cue. when i posted they are trash i was alittle harsh , but everyone likes something different glad you like it:thumbup:
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    Varney Jump/Break.

    lol, i dont' know eric but if look at members list i looked him up , and whoever he is he has not been banned so why would i post as someone else who is not even banned, lol. actually i have not posted in months but i seem to remember you following me around like a puppy dog. plus name...
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    Varney Jump/Break.

    roflmao. well looks like i hit a nerve bud , the irony of your postings after i used the word commando and mall ninja , then you wanna act tough rofl, kinda looks like i called it right on the money. hey rep is rep :thumbup: . see yas later tough guy internet commando
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    Varney Jump/Break.

    one rack roflmao. naa it is just someone trying to knock someones work who has vendetta and act like babies. alot of crybabies on AZ who are internet commandos or mall ninjas . ROFLMAO .
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    eBay Dale Perrys

    beware dp are trash