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    PPV-Alex Pagulayan Vs Tony Chohan-$150,000 One Pocket Champions Challenge-September 23-26th

    I just tried the link above and was able to check out $24.95.
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    What series is this Meucci?

    80-2 with different bumper -
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    Yes, stream is down here too.
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    WORLD POOL CHAMPIONSHIP (6-10 June2021) Champion $50K

    Table 2 Livestream -
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    At Last - McKernan

    I finally pulled the trigger and added a McKernan to the collection. Needs a snap replaced but I'm happy to finally have one : )
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    What do you guys do when you get carded?

    The fact they ask for your license has nothing to do with what you are drinking. They are protecting their Bar License in the event authorities come in and people need to prove their age.
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    WTB Jackson Custom Cue (JCC) Shaft - Weird Pin

    Hello All. I picked up a really nice JCC Cue but the shaft has a little wobble so I am checking to see if anyone has a straight JCC shaft with their weird pin for sale. Please see picture for pin type. Would be great if it has a silver ring (not white as shown) but please let me know if you...
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    Sold Schon CX50 - 500 takes it

    PM Sent
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    WTB - Nicest Cue Out There For $1,000

    Well, I did this last year about this time and it worked out pretty well so I am going to try again. I am looking for the biggest, nicest cue that $1000 shipped can buy. So what are you all hiding out there? Thank you. P.S. I've already scoured through the For Sale section so if it's...
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    Kikel break/jump cue

    The first cue I ever posted for sale on here was a Kikel J/B made of Purpleheat with up and down Maple spears. Definitely a cue I wouldn't mind having back. I also had an all Maple Kikel J/B that was so simple and played great.
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    Happy Birthday cuesblues!!!!

    Just wanted to say happy birthday to one of the best Azer's around. Happy Birthday Ted!!!!
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    What are you playing with today?

    Nothing special these days, Lucasi butt with Revo shaft.
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    The Fairway Portable Pool Table

    In our boredom of quarantine I bit the bullet and bought a $300 Sportcraft from Sears to see exactly how bad it could possibly be. On the positive side it was ordered on Tuesday night and here on Thursday morning. There are really 2 major issues with this table for me: 1. The rails are...
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    WTB - Nicest Cue Out There For $1,000

    Found one, thanks to those that messaged me : )