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  • Hi Ken, remember me alexus
    I was buy tascarella hopper style with u.
    I just want ask u, is that Cue have leter from Pete tascarella?
    Thanks ken
    Hi Ken,
    Beautiful B.Szamboti cue,please send me price to my mail charles@longmayshoes.com,thank you!
    Best regards
    Hey Ken,

    I Hope your doing great buddy. I seen in your profile pic on here that it looks like the Mizs Bushka with the Swan in the butt do you own that cue now ?

    This message is for Ken. Someone at the SBE 2013 told me that you had a 6 pointer Omega dpk Ebony on Ebony If so could you please get in contact with me at ziggylee007@gmail.com Thank you so much. Chris G.
    Ken, I have a buddy that has a beautiful Szamboti for sale (Gus). He has owned it for many years. Comes with two original shafts. Excellent condition! If you're interested contact me at jayhelfert@yahoo.com or (310)370-3994. Jay
    Thanks for the compliment. Id like to see yours when it is done. Dennis had the wood I sent him for 5 yrs how often he turned it I do not know, how ever Dennis was impressed, he said that from the first turn to the last the wood never moved and it went through at least 4 hurricanes. I do know that when i sent him the wood he told me he would not guarrentee the cue and after it was finished he told me if i ever choose to sell it to let him know.
    nice cue buddy, being 100% objective-I think that we tied. you would have won because its the only cue like it ever-Gilbert is building that style of cue-makes that Gina I had look like a joke thats why I dumped it, it looks horrible compaired to your new cue. congrats. I'll email you pics, the cue I have is the best looking cue I have ever seen, for a traditional cue, you have thebest looking non-traditional cue.
    patek phillipe 215/156 3094587 the model numbers eighten crown jewels yellow gold 18 kt 38 mm with leather strap with deployant gold buckle with the patek phillipe flower on it. skeleton back. text me ur phone number and i can send photos through phone if u want. or i have a 1st edition a series panerai in steel. retail on this watch is going for about 25 thousand they dont make this watch anymore its a very rare collectable watch.
    hey ill give u a very nice new two tone rolex yaughtmaster for ur showman. this watch retails for 10,000 now. let me know uf ur interested ill send u pics of the watch.
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