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  • I have a Scruggs that SNOOKERHABIT purchased from you approximately 2 years ago. From what he recalls of the cues background, it was origionally a true sneaky with joint work done later by either Tim or Mike. There was mention of another shaft being made for it, but not included in the sale. I'm considering putting the cue up for sale and would like to know as much as possible about it. It is also possible that if I knew more about it, I might want to hang onto it. The cue is signed and dated on the butt, and signed on the shaft. Both signatures are "Tim Scruggs" in either ink pen or pencil, not marker.
    I believe the date is 2009. I'm also curious about the "other" shaft.
    Thank you in advance for any and all light you can shine. Terry Aeschliman-Kokomo In.
    The White is treating me very good but I am not able to get in touch with JMW to get the work I want done. I ended up getting back a JMW sneaky that I use as a player until I can get the work done. I saw that Scott posted how he made a mistake on a cue and the cue looked like the design that you had told me about.
    Hey man, Scott is getting close to making something happen with my cue. How is that White treating you? I miss that thing!!!!
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