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  • Send me your PayPal address, looks like Archer needs a miracle. If he perhaps performs a miracle just send back as well. Thx for the action, Bill
    Yes he does chip Ginther from Seattle I used to live in nashville. Let me me know how to send that $100 to you
    Skyler wanted to know your name ? I told him you bet 200 on him lol he doesn't know you by IBA
    What Kind of Odds would you give me ?? I'll def. Post, But we have to do that he top 10's in the tourney over 700 players will be there ... do you play ba9 bank pool or how do you play 9 ball ?
    Hello, you get my messages on the Howard sneaky? Please lmk if its still for sale or not. Thanks! Nathan
    Hey buddy, Its Justin. I owe you $5 from the curling bets last night. You win with Canada and Switzerland and France pulled it out for me. Let me know what you want me to do to get you payed or if you want to carry it til the next time I see you.

    The guy (to remain nameless for future action as no one knows him) I took to the pool room in Boaz is ROCK solid for the cash. He will win every game that he is supposed to play. If you ever see the guy again George please have him call me so I can put him in more action................................................ T O?
    Did poolgodslove me ever settle up with you? if not, I will paypal you the $50 I owe him. That way you at least get some of it.
    Yo, Keith from Raleigh. Trest is laying it down pretty well. Been playing for $100 a game and 100 on the side since 7:00 yesterday. Up close to $2000? I'm at work, but I hooked him in with my other buddy I run around with. Just thought I'd update you. Should've came with him. This could be big if I can get him down with this guy, Mike Walker tonight.
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