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  • The ONE AND ONLY thing we have in this world is our reputation. Yours has taken quite a turn for the worse when you have chosen to rip off one of the best guys on this website. Your only recourse is to give the man his money back. Do the right thing or you will find more than a cold shoulder from here on out. I've heard whispers of people paying other people visits. Don't know if it's true, wouldn't want to find out. Give the man his money back. You would be wise to listen to those words...
    There is no room for thieves here on this forum and there are no sales that are sold as is. Do the right thing and give the gentleman his money back or expect to be treated as bad action from this point forward.
    Mr. Plunkett,
    If you would so kindly gaive me a good review I will do the same. Great doing buisness with you.
    Mr. Plunkett ,
    Here is your USPS tracking number for the air jump. # EG 697737852 US Again, I want to thank you for being understanding and patient with this process.
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