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    Larry' where you been? There is a great 9 ball tourny on monday nights that has your name all over it buddy, hope to see you soon.

    is there a case in the j&j catalog that catches your eye. or better still, throw out a price range and i will see what i can come up with. thank you
    :happy-birthday: Wishing you a very HAPPY Birthday today!

    Surround yourself with laughter and good cheer. These birthdays only come once a year. Have a great day! :smile:
    Thanks for the reps! I decided to have Ariel Carmeli to do my work. He was a friend of Kerry Zeiler who was my go to guy for 20+ years and is very close to me.
    What time are you going up there Sunday? I will see what i have going on and try and stop by.
    Hello, I just looked at my CP and noticd you gave me some reps and I wanted to thank you.

    the limit thing blows beyond belief, WTF are we going to do. Whats the next race, I wish we could all start at 0 again
    Iowa, thanks for the green. I love your set-up pic for your avatar, that's a tough little cherub.
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