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    sw west for sale

    sold sold sold
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    Southwest f/s

    I have a 6 point southwest with b/e forearm ebony points tripple veneers ivory Ferrells leather wrap . shafts are 13 amd 12.75 . Taken offers . You can contact me at 8127741380 . If you need any more info or pics .
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    8 point sugartree

    I have a 8 point sugartree I would like to move it's posted under the st-mr-10 one shaft never played one shaft has been used but well taken care of was made in 2010 weights 19.3 Madagascar rosewood and curly maple points and curt maple handle .. Plays lights out and I really don't need it any...
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    mrw-10 8 point eric crsip sugartree for sale

    letting this cue go for another cue sugartree cue mrw-10 i was aquired from jamie and has very little play on it . 2 shafts dead straight 13mm madagascar rosewood butt and forarm and cury maple handle micro rings at all position and custom made joint protectors to match out of mas. rosweood...
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    wrapless southwest pacifier...

    like the title says ..are they any wrapless pacifiers out there someoene would want to part with....or super plain jane spec..thanks..:thumbup:
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    Wait list for a sugartree?

    Was wondering if anybody know how long eric's wait list for a cue..was wanting to get a cue to match my player .. but was wanting something real simple....thanks in advance nathan
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    southwest wrapless wanted!!!!

    like it says im looking for a wrapless southwest ..if you have one post pictures and prices . or pm me... Any wrapless southwest considered ......
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    f/s chad carter ebony & tulipwood

    chad carter ebony & tulipwood f/s chad carter wrapless cue ebony forearm 4 tulipwood points with green/black /green vern ,tulipwood handle, ebony butsleve with rings at all pos. 19.7 oz. 2 shafts both are 13mm and tulipwood j/p if you need more pics let me know $500.00 cue plays lights...
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    f/s chad carter matched set

    chad carter matched set f/s f/t ok i have found a cue i want so letting this set go... chad carter 6 point with 3 vern gr/white/gr with holly points and tulipwood forearm honey stained curly maple handle into a tulipwood windowed but with diamond inlays.. ivory jointed with 3 shafts and...
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    wtt southwest for wrapless southwest

    southwest for sale !!!!!!!!!!!! like it states i have a southwest i would like to trade for a wrapless one putting a feeler out there to see what i can get going pm for specs and more pics if needed ..thanks some pictures are below........
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    wtt southwest for wrapless southwest

    i have a southwest dated pin in 00 6 pointer 3 ven. rosewood forearm pau points with rings at all pos. 2 shafts 19.5 oz wanted to trade for a wrapless sw. let me know what you have ...
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    WTB bluegrass sneaky pete cue..

    are there any bluegrass s/p out there for sale ? pm me on deatils ..and also have a old tim scruggs s/p in rough condition to trade with let me know...:smile::smile::wink:
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    f/s it's george 3x6 elephant case

    ok i have to many here is a older its george elephant skin case its a 3x6 i have had laying around for quite some time..when i bought it it came straight out of the george wrapper... have had only one cue in it and has no blue on the white deviders..$450.00 shiped or taken best...
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    eric crisp sugartree orders....

    ok these cues are great!!!!!! hit with one a few days ago. awesome cue....:thumbup: so how do you go about ordering one from eric... i cant find any info on him at all...... thanks so much.....
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    show off youre matchd pair of cues

    ok, folk how many out there have a great playin cue and a break to match... lets see what you have???? here is mine.... both are carters dated 08..