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  • is the kelly cue have the jps?and is there some ding or crack on the cue?like it,maybe i will take it.
    I dunno if I answered you but I'm looking for $2500.
    If interested, E me at John@FullHousePro.Com
    mike, pm confirmation of arrangement and confirm your pay pal, i think i have it but want to be sure b4 i send...i tried to pm you but box full..ty mike
    Hi,thought I might offer to trade my Black for your Gilbert. It is a red Baron,same as a black Baron but with red and black veneers.Has a steel 5/16 x 14 thread black w white speck linen wrap. 2 13 mm shafts,ivory ferrules. The shafs have a very small roll .Cue has been refinished and looks and plays great Chuckg
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