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  • Morning-Ihave a VHS tape of Partners 1 pocket 5. ahead for $10000 with Keith and Harry Platis playing Ronnie Allen. If you do not have this,and would like to, could I send it to you with you getting me copies back in a Dvd format? I am tech challenged, and just thought it might be something you would be interested in-Thanks, and have a great day.Bill( dontscratch)
    Hey there -

    I just saw a post of yours on a thread from many years ago about Mike Carella. You're from Tally-town ( or did you just post a paste from someone else? )? I lived there in 74 and was in Pastime every day. I knew Howard Barrett really well and Larry Knox ( though I hung around with his little brother Mike, who was my age ). I know when you and I spoke some years ago about Geese, you said you were from Baltimore. If you were there ( Tally ) in 74 then you and I probably spoke a few times, if not more. I'm very curious, let me know. Have a great week.

    Thx, I thought I WAS in a jam, but my cell had the number hidden....phew....thx for helping I got the call. I'll see you there next year. Personally, I think it should be off campus, at a nice bldg. in New Albany. We could get it for half the price, maybe drop in a 9 footer for the venue and higher a musician, DUH were on top of Nashville. , and then we all could tell a story of those being ''barbecued''. Next, have good Seafood and good red meat instead of the stuff we've been stuffin ourselves with the whole week If the price was lower, or if we added music/seafood/dance the crowds would increase. This venue needs more time and socialization, as this group are those too the extreme. They said apps, drinks and dinner, well it was drinks and dinner....No apps and No seafood whatsoever. When ya come that from from cattle country, yah like tah see something resembling a trout. :)
    See ya,

    Jenn, I need Platis's phone number. Talked with him and Gwyn at DCC then. Gwyn gave me her phone numbers, but I think I deleted em by mistake we were supposed to talk :(. Help. PS I'm working on plan B for next years venue. I contacted the Elks lodge in New Albany. If something comes up, would you be willing to help?
    Thanks Jennie, Keith was truly a unique individual, with so much talent for the game and a wonderful way of showing it. Too bad there are none like him today.

    I had a feeling that you and Jennie Anne are one and the same person.
    But I hate to assume ha ha ha!

    Glad to know that I was right and that you are still here, my friend!
    You have always been nice and kind to me.

    If ever your feet (and perhaps Keith's, too) take you to my beautiful country,
    please let me know, ok.

    I will be very happy to have you and/or both of you, here.

    Happy Christmas to you and Keith, my friend!

    you can travel the state , action in Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Hollywood, clearwater, spring hill. tons of road players. .david howard, donny mills, dileberto,cm lee, mike davis tony crosby.
    I really hope he does:) even though i don't like him! I would still rather see him do well! It's nice to see you writing on here again! I always look forward to your input!!:)
    JAM, I'm so sorry. I'm just seeing your beautiful birthday wishes now from last year. Thanks so much! You're even now for this year, lol.
    Mark was a family member and a great teacher we killed all of New York and pa to gather before I had some health issues if Keith is ever on the east cost please message me I'd love to donate a few sets to one of my heros. Ps. I can't wait for the book
    Hey jam my name is rocky I believe Keith new my freind mark aka big fat gypsy I was just wondering where Keith plays now and days I'm in nj
    Thanks....Don Brink always tells the story of when his wife passed away....that the first person to call him was Keith..
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