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    FS: Jim Lee Tulipwood/Coco & J&J Jumper

    Hi All, Long story short, I used to play pool a lot, now I don't. It's time I sell these cues to a good home. I bought this custom from Jim Lee at J&D Customs about 5 years ago now. In my history you can see old threads about it. So while I haven't posted here in years, this is assuredly a...
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    "Your dad never used a bridge"

    I like the last line. "DAMN RIGHT YOUR DAD DRANK IT" Anyone recognize any of these faces or are they just random shots? I just scanned this out of an issue of Rolling Stone. -J
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    Custom cue buyers guide!

    Hey guys! In light of all the crap going on lately with certain makers, I found myself thinking "why would someone choose this guy. Don't they know the alternatives?" Then I realized... maybe they don't! With all the useless stickies on here, wouldn't it be great if we had a helpful buyers...
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    How do you respond to rep?

    Something I've always wondered... When someone sends you green rep, how do you respond? I'd say the majority of the reps I receive are sincere and include a nice note of some kind, and I usually feel compelled to respond, but I can't decide if that's weird and/or unnecessary or not. Sometimes I...
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    Albrecht Paduak Plain Jane, Leather Wrap, OB-1

    Albrecht Paduak Plain Jane, Leather Wrap Edit: Price drop already! wowowowowow! I have a like new Albrecht Plain Jane for sale. I purchased this for a friend who ended up losing interest in pool. I've played a few racks with it at home, but it's essentially 100%. Solid Paduak Forearm and...
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    I need to get in touch with user "ioCross"

    Hey guys! Let me start out by saying I'm not here to dirty anyone's name. I'm just looking for contact info. Thanks for understanding... Backstory: I setup and completed a raffle for my Carmeli about 3 weeks ago. At the time payment was due, 5 of the people who had reserved slots had issues...
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    Even better odds for Carmeli raffle!

    Hi everyone! The only thing worse than a raffler is a raffler with multiple threads, so for that I apologize. My Ariel Carmeli raffle, seen here, is almost full. There are 12 spots remaining. Unfortunately it seems to have hit a little wall. Here is my plan. The winner will be chosen this...
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    $40 gets a 1/39 chance for an Ariel Carmeli 12pt. ebony/ivory beauty!

    *THE DRAWING WILL BE TONIGHT. THURSDAY 6/19/08. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!* ----------------- I've decided to raffle my Ariel Carmeli 12pt. cue. I am the original owner. In the spirit of full disclosure, here are my thoughts on this cue. I received it new in 03/08. I am not a perfectionist. Ariel...
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    Raffle Pricing Question

    Hey Everybody... I truly loathe having to ask a question like this but I really don't know what other options I have. I'm considering raffling my Ariel cue, but I don't have a good idea of the price. I did an exchange of services so to speak to receive this cue and I'm the only owner, so I...
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    Top 10 List of Stupid Things Cubc said =)

    What does Bruce Villanch have to do with this? He's 100x funnier than you try to be...
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    What I Think About The Future Of Pool

    :( What happened? edit: If this is honestly a company that will survive, why shouldn't someone (me?) buy like 20,000 shares and wait for it take me to victory!
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    Differences in playability between cues

    Since I've been contributing about as much to the main forum today as Stephen Hawking in a basketball game, here's an attempt at a real thread... I hear people talking all the time about how they only play with a certain joint material, certain pin, uber-shafts, etc. etc. I know that I'm...
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    A great feature on this forum, that I just discovered!

    A moderately interesting feature on this forum, that I just discovered! Ok so shoot me if you all already knew this, but I sure didn't. I would have been real excited if someone told me about it! On other forums I'm on all the threads you have posted in are marked, so you can easily return and...
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    Wonderful communication from a cuemaker (No, Really!!!)

    I'm hoping to add a breath of fresh air to all the anger and frustration being exposed lately regarding experiences with cuemakers. I'd like to tell y'all about my current cue on order. Please let's not derail this thread by talking about bad experiences, there are plenty of existing threads for...
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    First Custom Cue!

    Hey guys, I'm sure no one cares but I finally received my first custom cue after lots of waiting impatiently. I posted it in the gallery as well but I'm giddy like a school girl so here ya go. I'm not sure if it's the cue or just that I'm not thinking so much because it's distracting, but man...