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  • Let me know if you have any problems with that shaft I worked on for ya Sat,Tommy.
    lol, i have never done coke in my life-never once, but i like to joke around about it. people are funny to watch if you tell them your a major blow head, you see all sorts of responses and it amuses me.

    hope you have been good, please keep in touch,

    eric :)
    'm drinking a real glass bottle of it rite now,
    Jamison and his wife are fun people to hang out with and he always shows you a trick or two. Can't wait til they come back to JD's in Charlotte again.
    Jamison it was awesome hanging out with you!! thanks for finding me a cig and for finding the car keys!!! lol
    I will be making a post later today on the cues. I will get more info and hopefully some picts but for now all I have are some names. PS The Smithsonian is awesome and I would reccomend it pool cues or no pool cues
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