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  • That comment about leaving the cloth on center slates might come in handy some day.... thanks!
    No, thank you! Wonderful to hear and may God bless you and yours abundantly.
    Yes, I know. I turn off Rush when they come over. We don't discuss politics. Vego was/is for Bernie!!
    Hello, Just now got your last message where you took a clinic from Robin. I've kind of been out of pool practicing and just playing a great player here in Salem once a week or so. But, today I went up to take a lesson from Robin and will start practicing again.
    Looked for you on FB under Coos Cues...nothing.
    Taking a lesson(first one ever) with Earl Thursday evening at Fusco's "The Spot"
    Should be interesting. A very good player I know recommended him as he took a couple of lessons from him. Said he is a great teacher.
    Signed up for 2 hours. Dianna Hoppe schedules the lessons.
    I want to focus on PSR and the mental side. We'll see what he wants to do. I'll let you know how it turns out if you are interested.
    Hi. Got a quick question on the Sewing machine motor mod 'upgrade' (to your Deluxe Lathe) . I moved this to PM..
    How have you been John? I perfectly understand why you are abstaining from posting in NPR.
    I am going for a judgement against this guy for a minor scam not sure how it will go he has all his bills in someone else's name so its hard getting the most current address or number for him last I have is 2260 State Rte #414 Watkins Gen where his son did the raping, the last phone number I had was 607-546-7860
    Sounds twisted but the hospice workers must have a calling because to me it's an incredibly tough job to do and not take it home.
    I can't take this site that seriously anymore. I came into it it left of center about 3 years ago and the ultra right here has pushed me further left. Crazy.
    No problem JC. I do stuff like that all of the time. We're good. I'm in the auto business and work with the techs often. I have the highest respect for those guys. The good ones can fix anything.
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