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    Center Pocket Music, the long-awaited CTE Pro One book, by Stan Shuffett.

    The only truth I saw in that video is that Stan is a very accomplished banker. And that the comments are turned off, a strong indicator of bullshit on you tube.
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    Opinions on personal protection

    Thank you this is exactly what I needed to hear. Wondering out loud how many cue builders are using this toxin shy of these requirements for safety. No one need answer.
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    Opinions on personal protection

    I do not have any close neighbors Dave.
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    Does a Short Ferrule really make a differnce

    Why the short ferrule? Does it play any different than a longer one? Maybe to wine tasting fly fishermen , not to me. So why use a short or long? You can tell which cue makers buy their ferrules pre made because they are long. That's how they are sold but not quite long enough to make two...
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    how come more cuemakers don't do wood threads?

    I bought a chinese break/jump cue many years ago with cool wooden threads at the shaft joint that screwed into the handle. It broke in half breaking the balls one day and I didn't forget it.
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    2021 AZB Ghost Challenge - Official Thread

    Good shooting side. I like your stance for a taller player.
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    Opinions on personal protection

    I have heard many time that if you're smelling it it's killing you. So on the other side of the coin if you are not able to smell it do you suppose you're ok? Or could it still be infiltrating your eyes and such.? Decided to give auto clear coat a try so I rolled my sanding lathe on wheels...
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    General rules question

    This is not correct. The intermediate ball in the combination can hit a rail instead of the cue ball after contacting the frozen ball to satisfy the requirement of a legal hit.
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    Inspired thoughts by Kelly's 3 wing cutter thread....

    I don't believe he claimed they were all the same depth. He said it doesn't matter to him if only one cutter is doing all the work. He sharpens all three to make sure which ever one is proud gets sharpened. My feelings exactly only I use carbide three wing cutters that are so cheap you almost...
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    Inspired thoughts by Kelly's 3 wing cutter thread....

    I use three wing carbide cutters that are so cheap you almost can't afford to sharpen them. JC-realizing he has considerably less couth than Dave. :cry:
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    Interest in slot cutters ground concentric to arbor?

    I use three wing cutters and some are better than others based on observing the wear patterns on the teeth after a while. I cannot however notice much difference in the quality of cut when one tooth is doing most of the work or all are somewhat equal at 10,000 rpm. They are in essence a...
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    Brunswick Centennials or Aramith Tournaments?

    I could work an extra weekend at my shop, buy a set of every ball mentioned in this thread and go out to a nice dinner in the time you hand rubbed those things. You have the patience of Job sir.
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    Intro to Video Editing for pool analysis

    Justin the audio on your video is so low it can barely be heard. Not even sure if you mentioned the software you're using but what you are doing is very specific to that software, whatever it is. Think about the end user and what they are going to gain from your presentation and work...
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    Honduran Rosewood Burl

    These are the things I don't know. The gentleman I am building a cue for saw it for sale on facebook and asked my opinion and since I don't know I phoned a friend (Or several). I have built a few cues with various burls stabilized and not. Mostly for handle wood. My building process is very...
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    Dust collector monitor

    I did that and it has the added benefit of sucking all the heat out of my shop in the winter!! But I would rather be chilly than lung diseased. A 3 hp Baleigh with a remote control that works right through the walls.