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  • Hey I just posted a New Billiards Spreadsheet with charting under the ask the instructor forum. its way better than the one I sent you.
    read my post in your thread its solid advice, it took me along time to write it. its post #21, i asked Shannon and Brumback(best banker alive right now) the same thing.

    hope this helps, it you want more info send me a note

    let me know if you do come to vegas, i'm not exaggerating on my post-its terrible there are a handfull of pool rooms with ok equipment and no action-the casino's get it all. LA is a badspot as well, cost of living is triple expensive and $50/game one pocket is about all you'll find, except at HardTimes you might find biugger action-but you'll be playing a champion or someone close to that speed. The whole west Coast sucks for pool, I'm 43 and been everywhere and the south and north east are the best spots. In Germany there is tons of pool rooms and more opening everymonth but no where in Europe will they bet a dollar-Shane was telling me about it.
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