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  • Do know where I can get some new pockets for my Sport King...Thanks, Tom
    I just saw some for sale on the internet. Probably the man to call is Ken Hash at Classic Billiards.
    Thanks for your concern, I just got back from a 10 day road trip installing tables. I'll be back on more regularly now.

    Joe - ironically, I logged in the same day you posted this message. I think my last login was perhaps a week ago or longer. Been busy as ever so not much time to check in here. I just posted a reply in the mechanics forum and noticed your message. Usually I have to apologize for my delay in replying but got lucky I logged in today!

    Hi, David.

    Thanks for the reply. I typed up a long letter back to you, but the dang message system deleted it.

    Oh, well, I'll try again.

    My name's Joe Everett, grew up in Hebron, and graduated from LHS in 1968(the last year for the old high school at Mill and Purnell. My brother is Mark Everett, class of 1974. I'll bet ya'll know each other. He ran around with Pat Kinney, Joe Roberts, Rusty Locker, and Larry Cooper.

    Dang it, this system limits emails to 1000 characters .....Give me a shout at jfe@pvtn.net or 575-687-4261. I'd get a real kick out of talking with you about old Lewisville.

    Hey Joe , sorry about late response , i grew up mostly in McKinney but went my last 2 years of school in Lewisville , grad. 1974. Worked at Minyards at Huffines there on 35 and worked my senior year at Lewisville Lumber there at Mill and Main.

    Everything boomed about that time , i hauled some stuff out to where the Colony was being built when they were putting up the cluster mail boxes , man that really grew , and hauled lumber to west Plano when Hebron was just a church and a curve in the road and Franklin Hills, Argyle and all the stuff west of Flower Mound when it was a hole in the wall.

    Never shot much pool around there , Mickey Finns on Northwest Highway and Marsh i think , remember the old Silver Cue on Harry Hines ?
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