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  • Jim. heard the news, just wanted to say if you need anything give me a call.
    Hi Jim.

    Sorry to hear the bad news. I live around OKC. Let me know what you want for everything and I'll see what I can do. There won't be any shipping I'll just come pick everything up. If you want to call me, my cell phone is (417) 529-7983.

    Just found it . Need better picture or some onr to count stiches. Looks like 12 black lines. With stich ring , $80.00 Sorry, but lots of time involved, but you can change wood. Jim
    Jim have you ever heard of Blue Diamond Chalk. I have always used Master (blue), but I saw a thread on it the other day and it was selling like hot cakes at $3.50 a piece. Is it any good? What is so special about it? Thanks - Mike
    Jimmy Stacy arrive safe and sound, and really a nice cue. I'll keep it for a week or two and it will be for sale. Still need another small lathe. Thanks again. Jim
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