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  • Just ran across your Assange thread I set to follow back when.

    Mike Pompeo, Trump's CIA nominee, said he wanted him executed. Well, maybe he won't arrange it, even though he may soon have that power? I have no idea what Trump thinks, but he at least should be grateful.
    That line comes from a song, actually.
    I paraphrased it as, "The world you create inside your head is the one you see around you."


    Rickie Lee Jones, Ghetto of My Mind
    Hey, Jim!

    Having dinner tonight with someone wanting to buy the Florida company. Rain check, please!
    Thanks for Rep jimmyg. All is well. Just got back from Tucson looking for a home and found one. Looks like a retirement move towards the end of the year. Got to see the snow in Tucson. Hope you and yours are well.
    Thanks Jim....I really hope all is well in your life these days...What a mess our world is in...Take care....CJ.............
    Thanks for the rep and kind wishes Jimmy. You and yours have a great Christmas and a prosperous and healthy New Year.
    Just want to wish you a happy holiday season, I enjoy your posts and love your avitar-wish there were more poeple like you here.

    my very best
    eric :)
    Those were cartoons I HAD to post.... couldn't help myself....:) glad you enjoyed them Jim and happy Thanksgiving to you.
    Thanks for that green rep you gave me the other day. I did not notice till today, in fact I have never been to the CP page before. In any case I appreciate it and enjoy your posts.
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