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  • absolutely beautiful case! can you please tell me-
    1) when was it made
    2) the configuration 2x4?
    3) form of payment
    4)ships from new york?
    5)asking price
    thank you.

    I will bring my good camera to the shop tomorrow and share pics of this awesome wood. My 88 year old friend Stew has been in the cue biz since the late 60s and he said it is the best wood he has ever seen. Book-matched and museum grade. 3 pieces were over 1,100.00 dollars US.

    He told me that this is the kind of stuff they make 100,000.00 ardmores out of for royality.

    Chris is going the extra mile for high quality.

    If interested give me an idea of what you want or a picture of something similar and your limit on cost ill get a time frame . Bob only makes about 15 a year i get about 30%.
    wanted to thank you for that 2k-2.5k thread. I dont have anywhere near that much money but damn those cues are pretty and nice to look at... Thanks for making a nice little window for me to look at :] +1 rep to you
    Jive: Please see the e-mail I sent to you this morning regarding attempt to deliver
    your cue.
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