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  • I'll take $ $10 towards shipping as a gift thru paypay...The shaft ferrules are white but are not ivory.
    Call me (574) 806-3425
    I sent u a pm about the case, if u will shoot me an email to I can send u some pic's of the case, if u like it then we can discuss $
    Mark T
    I have four like new cues from established cue makers:

    Steve Lomax
    Jack Madden
    Jim Buss
    Ernie Gutierrez (Gina)

    Would like to strike a deal. Gina will require your cue and cash. Others will be my cue and cash.

    Thanks, Larry
    I had a Joss West once. It was stolen while I visited the bathroom. I have a collection of fine cues from established cue makers and would be willing to do a trade plus cash:

    Steve Lomax w/ two shafts

    Jim Buss w/ two shafts

    Jack Madden w/ two shafts

    Willy Hoppe w/ two shafts

    All of these cues except Hoppe have ivory ferrules, joints, and butt caps. All are in like new condition. If any interest you, let me know and I will send you pics.

    Thanks, AKA "Cross Side Larry"

    Larry Maynard
    Surprise, AZ.
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