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  • John, quick question from a bank pool newbie. Is it legal to kick a ball, have it go to the opposite rail, and then bank across the table into the pocket?
    John, first of all, thanks for taking the time. When I was learning how to play I watched how the pros did it. Sigel, Hall, Searcy, etc., etc., used outside English on cut shots so that's what I did.

    Something I never realized until recently is (because of deflection I assume) I aim for a slight overcut when using outside. So, when I try to shoot center I tend to miss by overcutting.
    However, when I use CJ's touch of inside the balls go straight in. I also like that TOI doesn't overrun position. The aim is thicker and a lot closer to centerball aim.

    Truthfully, I don't even know what my question is. I was just wondering if today's pros still use outside on cut shots? Also, I learned to use backhand English before I ever know what it was (thank you internet). My thought is maybe TOI puts my cue in line with the aim line instead of "cross-stroking." Does this make any sense at all?

    Thanks so much,

    Mitch Mechanic
    What would you like to know? I went on the road with Pete a few times.I knew Harold pretty good too.Always liked Harold,he was a cool dude too.
    Hi John was looking at a post about Harold Dollar passing away and cam across a post from you about Pete Horn can i get some more info please!!!.Have known Pete for a long time just lost touch over the years.
    thanks A. Moore
    Hello John,

    My name is Noel and I had a little chat with you last year at the vegas one pocket.
    You may recall that I mentioned that I saw Eddie Taylor play in the US Open in San Francisco in 61....

    I was hoping to see you again in vegas.
    Hope you and your family are well!!!

    Noel Bierman
    I'm unclear if you're offering these to me or donating them to AZB. Either way, thank you.
    How much are you bank DVDs? I plan on buying one from you at Michael's as long as they're not out of my range, lol.
    Hi John, I kinda got some dates in mind for those" badly needed pool lessons" . Is there a phone # I can call you on so we can talk ? Thanks Greg
    Nah. My Aunt passed away lat week after a long fight...She was laid to rest this past weekend...Sorry bout everything, maybe another time we can get hooked up...
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