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  • Squirrl was in action about 2 years ago at the Derby he was over 80 for sure, he was in a partners game with Grady and I cant remember. Ted Ito in Sacramneto is 84-85 and is still in $20-$50 action everyday last I heard. There is one player who is in his 90's I cant remember his name, Go to and ask over there, you'll get your answere, its a forum for the oldtimers-much older than Mr. Beard.

    I saw you ask him these questions, I dont know if he checks this page, so I butted in.
    i like to have alot of friends, I like your avitar and thought "hey this guy is cool" a good first impression. oops I just looked down and saw i answered your question. LOL. Having friends is important to me, I dont have any family except a 85 yr old uncle, So even thought I dont know you-I would like to so if/when we meet up it would be nice. I go to tournments and see over 100 people I know. Some better than others-but that fills the void of being alone.

    my best
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