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    Mountain Man Has Passed Away...

    I just got word that Mountain Man passed away on Thursday. I don't know any details, other than the fact that he had Pancreatic Cancer. I guess it got the best of him. He lasted a lot longer than the Dr.'s gave him. This is a sad time :( Jon
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    Info Needed.

    Hello, I've acquired a "Kempsmith" Dividing/Indexing head. I'm in the middle of getting new Plates for it. But would like any information that any of you (Cuemakers/Machinest etc.) might have for this thing. And anybody that might have (or have access to) a manual, which would be great...
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    What do you think?

    Hello, I'm just wondering what you guys think of this combo. Bocote Front/sleeve (most likely will have some VEE-Points of some configuration.) With a nice Straight-Grained Kingwood handle. I love the looks of both woods, and i know bocote hits great, and am told that kingwood is the same...
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    Cleaning and Refinishing...

    I have a cue here (it's mine...) that is really dirty (butt and shaft). It's a Les Blevins Sneaky, with natural phenolic collars (.250") at the joint, and a .625" natural phenolic butt cap. I'll need to replace all of the phenolic, the ferrule (probably will go with Ivor-x), clean the pin up...
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    What happened to the CNC Thread?

    Where did it go? Thanks, Jon
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    Hey Blud...

    Blud, How is that ash cue coming along??? Any updates??? Thanks, Jon
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    Attn: Diablo

    Please Check your PM Inbox. Thanks Jon
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    LOL, i've never seen this before, i just might buy one lol

    Check this out, Monster Cue Link To all the people who were picked on because of their 3-finger glove, just wait... there's more... Scroll to the bottom, the first thing is kinda funny too... Thanks Jon All opinions and replies are welcome... except for the really stupid ones...
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    I just want some opinions here, What is the overall opinion off Micarta Ferrules??? How do they hit/feel compared to the thermoset ferrules (aegis II, Ivorine-3, LBM) or ivory, and are they best attached sleeved, threaded, threaded/capped??? Thanks Jon
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    Meucci ferrule repair...

    Just a quick question/thought... A friend of mine plays with a Meucci (I know, sad) and the rubber tree now has a vibration when hitting off center and we switched the shaft and butt with another Meucci (that place was crawling with 'em) and was sure it wasn't in the butt, and I told him I...
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    Question for Michael Webb...

    I was offered a Webb cue with 1/4" black linen phenolic collars on butt and shafts, 6 ebony points, ebony butt sleeve, bird's eye forearm, with a white/black (i think) linen wrap... what would the retail be for this cue with 2 shafts (1-12.5-12.75mm, 2-13mm)??? Thanks Jon P.S. Damn... it...
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    just a test...
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    jump shot diagram test

    just a test for the ccb guys
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    How would you go about this???

    This is a question for the cuebuilders/repairmen: Last weekend, i bought a Meucci (95 Series) real cheap, that someone had hit over the table pretty hard, and had broken the entire joint collar (and rings) off of the cue, well i knew how i would repair it, drill and bore the forearm out, glue...
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    I Just Want To Know, What Happened???

    I'm just wondering if anybody could lead me to any reason why my game has went down around 6 balls in about three months time, i don't know what happened, a few months ago i could throw all the balls out on the table and run em off, and do it again, i haven't played equal offense in a really...