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  • Jose,

    It was good to meet you, and hit a few balls with you. Hope you are doing well. Be safe, and keep in touch.

    Sounds good, man. You know I'll be here. You still got my office number? Good to see you're getting out of this place, I'll be a month or so behind you. Bring him down, and I'm sure we can get something going. I like playing monsters. Be safe man, see you in a few days.
    hey brother,
    everytime i look at your joss it makes me smile! BTW if you want the nicest playing custom jump cue on the planet.... contact craig aka MANWON from the forum. they play amazing. and are completely custom. a little pricey but well worth it. they are all one of a kind with his ringwork, a laminated shaft and jump better then anything i have had before. and i think i have had almost everything under the sun.
    well thats it. i have a plane to catch to baghdad in sept.... have a safe return.
    scouts out!
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