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  • I saw your old stitch ring schon on ebay today. Maybe we can work a deal, pm me your absolute best price.
    Thanks, Jerry in Texas
    hi mate, i like to know what u is monster 62 mean for the pre date sw ?. i might be keen on this. also the cue straight?
    hey Jeremy,

    hope you have been good, there are some nice cues out there on the market right now. I'm not buying anything cause I havent been making any $$$, hopefully that will change its been 2 years, LOL. what can ya do? its hard in the yard,

    take carebuddy,

    I took that picture about 2 years ago from Ryanew Poolroom in Kokomo. Mark and Richie Richeson playing in the finals of their 9-ball tournament.
    Jeremy, I got the shaft today. Man, does that thing play good. Thanks again. I hope that this will keep me from buying other cues. Happy holidays.

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