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  • It's cool. For some reason I thought you were in Houston, not south of it. It's fine. Thanks for the info. I've been to the Johnson Space Center but not to the others mentioned. I'll look into each of them. Count on me being there on Mon. I haven't taken a road trip in quite a while so this should be fun. That's great news about "Bogies"!!
    I thought you had looked on findsnooker.com where I'm located. The little marker is about right (but not completely)
    There's the Schlitterbahn waterpark and Moody Gardens (besides the beach) in Galveston. Johnson space center and the Kemah boardwalk, a little to the north. That's really about it.
    I did hear that Bogies is openening up again with a new owener and a new name on September 15th including their 12 footer, which is probably about an hour closer to you. Either way, let me know by about lunch time Monday whether or not to expect you.
    Hmmm...wow! Ok...that's a bit farther than I was hoping, but what the hell?! I'll probably do it. There's a 20% chance I'll back out. I've been wanting to shoot on a 12 footer for way too long. Perhaps you can recommend some places for me to visit in Galveston to help make my trip worthwhile. Besides snooker, obviously, I love tennis, bowling, sports bars, swimming, and women! :)
    That's because I live 40 miles south of Houston..... I live 15 minutes from my feet in the sand at Galveston beach!
    I just called the Travelodge in La Marque and she said they are 40 miles south of Houston. I'm confused. Please clarify.
    I hear ya. Thanks for the info. Monday and Tuesday night 8/23 and 8/24 (6-10pm) sounds good. I will take your advice and reserve a room at the Travelodge in La Marque. I'll account for the traffic and make sure that I'll be ready to shoot on time.
    Sunday is no good, but Mike mentioned yesterday that he can't play next week, so Monday night (and Tuesday night) 6-10 are open if you want them. There's a travelodge in La Marque that's very close (1mile) and will be about $50 a night with 3.5 out of 5 stars from customer reviews, I doubt you'll be able to do much cheaper.
    I'm not sure if you are used to Houston traffic, but evening rush hour starts around 3 and lasts til 8. If you come from the downtown museums during that time, account for about 2 hours. Otherwise it's about 35 minutes to my place.
    I had a game night at my house last week and have plenty of beer left over... I typically don't drink when I play snooker though, because it doesn't help my skill level. *laughs* It's hard enough as it is.
    4 hours? That's not bad. Why such a short time for Ajay and I? Well, I work an evening shift for FedEx and I don't get off til 9pm so we start shooting at 9:15pm, and since Dave n Busters closes at 11pm then we're forced to stop. No big deal, Ajay has to be up early for work in the morning anyway. The earliest I am thinking of heading down there is next Sun the 22nd. I have tennis in the morning but can leave for Houston in the afternoon and be there by the evening. If that's no good for you then I can wait til Mon. Can you recommend a motel/hotel nearby? Btw, I don't mind sleeping on a couch if you get to know me and feel comfortable. That would save a few bucks. I could give you the keys to my truck as collateral til morning. :) Doesn't matter to me. I probably wouldn't mind having a few beers while shooting too. It's relaxing and fun for me and taking driving out the equation would be kinda nice. No pressure though. I'll be happy with water/soda + motel/hotel. Either way.
    Why so short? You barely get warmed up at that point. Either way, in that case, come over whenever. My buddy Mike usually comes over to play on Monday nights, while Ted comes over Wednesdays. We typically play from 6pm-10pm, but I can easily skip a week with them.
    I'd offer you to let you crash on the couch, but I really don't know you, so perhaps next time.
    Actually, it'll just be me hitting the road. Ajay will be busy with traveling plans and work. I can look for a local motel or hotel and then spend the day visiting the city (museums, restaurants, tennis courts, etc) then perhaps meet in the evening with you for a few games. Ajay and I typically play 4-5 games which takes about 1.5-2 hours. Perhaps we could play two nights in a row (weekdays or weekend) then I can head back to Dallas. What do you think?
    I work a regular 8-5, so during the week, isn't really worth your and ajay's time if you have to drive 6 hours to get here, to play only for a couple.
    However, if you'd get here on Saturday the 28th, we can play all day. I had a couple of 14 hour sessions as a warm up for nationals so my body can (sorta) take that kinda abuse.
    Hey Kyle. I'm sorry to say I don't know of a single 12 footer in your area. The privately owned ones have all disappeared too. I actually live in the Houston area and know of several down here. The only commercial 12 footer left is in Caspers. (Bogies and Cheetah have shuttered now too.) My best advice, without trying to sound racist, is to go to your "china town" and find a local pool hall and ask around. All privately owned snooker table that I know off in the USA are all owned by either Indians or Chinese.
    Anyway, I'm always looking for people to play, so if you ever feel up for the drive, come on down. My table is in perfect condition (just put new baize on to practice for the nationals). Haven't decided if I'm gonna put the old pocket leathers back or not....
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