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  • I'm still looking for the avitar. not sure if i'll be able to find the large version.
    no i'm not my dad was a member of Mount Oso Lodge joined in the late 50's or earily 60's and was active until we moved to San Deigo, however he kept his membership alive, then in about 90 or 91 he became a active member, then joined the Schottish Rite, he didnt get his 34th degree(does that sound right?) he worked super hard for it and got passed over it hurt his feelings real bad.

    When he passed away in 2000 the whole chapter from tracy Ca attended his funeral-I didnt go, I dont go to funerals, they are overwhelming to me. He was buried with his ring with the compass on it(thats why i liked your avitar) I thought of my pop, he would have loved it too.

    my dad was a hell of a man, now that i'm 43, he was 43 when i was born, I know him better now than when he died 10 years ago, he has been in my dreams alot recently,

    nice to meet you, stay in touch if you like

    do you have a bigger image of your logo i could email to a friend of my dad's??

    eric :)
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