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  • Hey Doc...You do realize....Dont' You....?
    That pool is and always will be.... a truly communistic sport.
    The better the player the higher the spot.
    Have you have met a truly rich pool player....? HAHAHAHA....!
    Hope you are well....george
    Thanks for the mail Doc...I live most of the year in my small remote mountain cabin...I can't take city living anymore...I always enjoy our posts...Hope all is well in your life..
    Thanks doc....
    Man...those chickens...they are tempremental. That's all I'm getting is 2 eggs a day. They are pissed because I rearranged their living space and quarters...cutting down from 1/2 acre to less than 1/5 acre. I keep telling them they have got it made compared to most hens but they don't listen....If they keep messing with me they will end up in the oven....lol
    Thanks for the well wishes and the Rep. Have a happy, healthy and properous New Year. Tried to rep you back but I have to wait awhile.
    My friend, you have a very fine avatar. I was wondering what to do with all the photos. Just get a puppy.

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