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  • Yes I'm the pro player. Or I was for 10 years anyway and I'm back playing full time now and considering playing most of the bigger tournaments again. Like a lot of good players I don't really know a ton about my equipment and what makes things work the way that they do so I appreciate your help. I do believe it was a kamui clear that was on the shaft that I liked. Predator actually sent me two so I'll just have the tip cut down on one so it has less mass and get one replaced with a kamui clear and see if I like the way either of those plays. for now I'm playing with a mezz wx900, soft black kamui, radial pin, and I think it's a little better than the predator z shaft I had used for years.
    Hello. I just read your explanation of how different tips play better on different diameter shafts. You seem to have a great understanding on that subject and I'm hoping you can help me with something similar. I tried someone's predator vantage shaft and loved it. Super low deflection and great feel. I got one of my own and I don't like the feel and even worse it doesn't seem to be as low deflection as the one I had tried. It is most likely that it's just a high level of variation in production quality of the shafts or would the tip and the different type of joint have a noticeable difference in the deflection? If so can you tell me which tips and which type of joints give the lowest deflection? I was under the impression that the shaft was the only thing had any noticeable effect on deflection.
    You are totally getting some "green" for what you said.... I am not sure how I missed that post.... I now have read it multiple times.... :) Thanks for the green! :):)
    Where you been hiding, I have not seen you at the GC in a while. I hope all is well w/ you. See you soon.

    thank you for the REP, I did owe that appology to Barry, so I made it-I'm sure he will see it

    my best to you,


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