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  • Hey I see your tony viesti case on ebay

    I would like to purchase it. what is your best price shipped if I go direct?
    I bought your sneaky on ebay yesterday.Contact me here about buying another one , no reason to pay ebay!! David
    Just posted my Layani cue for sale.
    Dont know if you are interested in it.
    its like new.
    I called both number and left messages.
    Have not heard back. I"ll try here.
    I need tips. Please call. Charles Bobo 864 978 9871

    You came recommended as a purveyor of a cue people call the Sneakiest Pete.

    I am looking for a Sneaky Pete that will blend into a set of road worn house cues. I was told you had just that type of cue for purchase.

    Thank you for your time,

    mchnhed (Scott)
    Hi Troy,

    I'm interested in purchasing a Schon SL 17 (not a STL 17). I know you're a man who knows to get his hands on those Schon cues. New & 19 or 19.5 would be my preference.

    THANX! -Stephen
    Hi, this is Kang. I'm here in the twin cities...I'm trying to sell my cue with someone on azbillards but he wants to do a 3rd party kind of thing. Would you be ok being the 3rd party? I bring my cue in to your shop and you just pm him on how the condition of the cue is. Plus it'll be sent from your store and we pay for shipping?
    3 Schon STL 15's for the R 14 Butt only. They all have new Stacked Leather wraps. And the Red One has a Tiger threaded extension that Tiger installed for me, wonderful job. See my Schons on my profile, in the photo section. Thank you, mike
    Aloha Troy, that was me that sent the PayPal request for the 30inch 314-2 predator Runde era stitch ring shaft, sorry crazy morning. Thank-you Cary
    Would you Trade 2 Schon STL 15's of your choice from my collection of STL 15's for just the (1) R14 Butt?
    Mike Murphy
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