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  • Hi, I am new to this forum
    I have a Blue Mammoth for sale. Made in the 90's custom for me(excellent condition). are you or do you know anyone possibly looking to purchase one?

    Ronnie ... I do feel bad about this .... if you want the cue, it is yours for my last offer ... $ 600.00 and you pay shipping. Let me know. Thanks, Terry
    This cue will be a little expensive for me if I have to put on a linen wrap. I would also like to put on a predator 314z shaft. Do you have any other shafts in stock? If not, I would like to make an offer for the cue alone with no shaft..
    If I were to want to get the Carmeli cue switched back to the linen wrap, how much would Carmeli charge approx?
    Thats a nice Carmeli cue. I am a buyer, however it is a little out of my budget at the time. I can offer you 600 dollars either paypal or CC, please let me know Thankyou-- Ronnie H.
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