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    Jacoby Hybrid Edge

    They use Hydex 202. I have quite a bit of that material.
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    Jacoby ultra super pro shaft turn down

    I won't turn down low deflection shafts. Most of them have pretty thin ferrule walls to lower end mass. If you turn them down, you are asking for failure imo.
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    What air compressor are you using?

    The Kobalt quiet series is around 70 decibels but it doesn't put out much volume. I'm going to go with a California Air compressor for now and buy a screw type with dryer when I build my new shop. I picked up a 1 hp 8 gallon California Air on FB Marketplace and you can hardly hear that thing...
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    New Superior Cues Leather Wrap Styles!

    Those look great. I will be ordering some soon.
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    predator hybrid break tip

    I understand. You’ve got to make them happy.
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    predator hybrid break tip

    Throw an Odega on it. They are leather and phenolic infused.
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    What air compressor are you using?

    I was looking at the 15020C or the 10020CHAD but I may save up a lil more and go with the 20 gallan 4 hp model? I think it would do anything I would ever need it to do in my cue shop. I went and bought a used Charge Air Pro 4 hp 20 gallon that looks and works as new off FB Marketplace...
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    What air compressor are you using?

    The things I do that need the most cfm are coring and spraying clear. I don’t plan on running any big air tools.
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    Andy Gilbert contact info

    I pm’ed you his email address.
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    What air compressor are you using?

    I got rid of my big noisy air compressor in my shop because I’m running out of room and damn that thing was noisy!!! What compressor are you guys using and what size and scfm? I want something that will fit under a work bench and is quiet. Im looking at a California Air 10020chad right now but...
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    making a cue more forward-balanced- ?

    A purple heart shaft and a heavier joint pin will make something forward weighted. I core my cues with heavier wood up front or use a steel joint, when a customer wants something forward weighted.
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    Behlen's Woodturners finish/lacquer thinner 50/50 and then Mohawk Rapid Pad/Denatured Alcohol 50/50
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    What do you prefer to break with? Heavy or light?

    I use light 18-18,5 but people that can't swing it fast need a heavier break cue. I think that a person needs to play around and see what works best for them.
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    RPM Range of lathes

    Make sure to get the smaller spindle for your motor. It will slow it down a little but will give it more torque. I run those motors on my two Taig lathes.
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    Huebler shaft inserts?

    I have regular inserts but this customer wants the new shaft as close to original as possible. I can make my own but thought there might be a source for them?