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  • i'm going to have to pass but i do appreciate the offer. thanks and gl with your sale.
    Hi Dave, pleasure to have you as a friend. I gave a lesson to Richard Killingworth at shooters recently and he just emailed me ,that he had a 53 ball run against William. Makes me proud that I was able to help. He is from England and played snooker there, he is a pretty good shot maker but didn't have good control of the cueball. At the end of the lesson I checked his cue which weighed 17 ounces. He wasn't throwing the cue but steering it with his right hand. I told him to add about one and a half ounces of weight and that made quite a difference in his stroke. Stay in touch. Larry
    Hi Larry, its Dave, Tony's friend from shooters on Sunday afternoons. I just want to add you as my friend on here, so we can chat about pool pool pool. OK, I'll look forward to chatting soon. Take care!
    Hey Larry how are you? I played at Sammys room too. You and I used to go to Paul Drexlers. Im Rick
    Hey Larry, Tony here from Shooters. When your ready to trade Scruggs let me know, lol.
    Larry, yes we do know each other! I thought of you as soon as I saw the shaft diameters in that Jensen!
    Hi Tommy,I recently found this site and it's great. I was always on Ebay,in fact I have 275 feedbacks.But AZ is more fun.Nice hearing from you.Larry
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