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  • Hondo laying low as is Bondsman at the exact same time...I do believe H is Bond
    I don't think I normally use that method. I did in this case as a kind of Socratic method, to try to tease out what the posters knew or didn't know about what specific issues the D dissenters had with the Cromnibus. There is a short list of things easily found, but which clearly were not known.
    Thanks SOFLA. I'm sure the bill will be staggering, but we have pretty good insurance. I've always been a geek about making sure my family is protected.
    Your most welcome, El Dub. Sounds kinda serious what's going on with your health. And expensive. PM me if I can help in any way.
    Yes, this guy really did say that. Is it true what he says? I have no idea.
    Thanks for the applause, El Dub. Classical liberalism still has a lot to teach us, since so many people never learned it coming up, or have forgotten it in the meantime. Yet the country was founded on its principles and thinking. Its disappearance from mind accounts for many of our current problems.
    Thanks for the sparring match in the liberty thread.

    I think we're doing much good, highlighting these important differences. At least we're not "arguing" about the normal crap on npr, racism etc. etc. etc.

    Now, back to the fight!!
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