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    Mizerak's autograph

    I watched all those guys play in the 70s, 80s and 90s in NYC--in straight pool tournaments. All great players. I was never much of an autograph hound. Just enjoyed the matches and the personalities. On august 22, 1992, my wife and I went to watch both afternoon and evening sessions of the...
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    Bludworth pool ball cleaner / polisher

    Hey. Forum lurker here. I'm getting an eBay ad and shipping materials together for this over the weekend and I thought I'd run it by here first to see if anyone wants dibs. I realize that I'm new to the forum. My eBay handle is the same as here (macpublish) and I have a 100% rating if you want...
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    Bludworth pool ball polisher

    I posted this yesterday but it's not showing up. Got stuck in moderation? Anyway, let me try a again: Hey guys and gals. Long time pool fanatic here. I'm not a forum guy by nature, so I'm new to the forum. I have a very clean, home-use Bludworth polisher for sale (moving to condo). I know what...
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    4 SALE: Bludsworth pool ball polisher CLEAN!

    Long time pool fanatic here, but not a forum guy by nature. I have a very clean, home-use Bludworth polisher. I know what you're thinking, one forum post, come on! It's a scam. Well, take a look at the video of this clean machine in action. My eBay name is macpublish as...