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    i found CTE to be useful in certain shots

    well i he tried it and its not for me.....but i have found it to be helpful on shot when aiming away from the pocket.....especially long shots when shooting back cuts.....just my 2 cents.....maybe it will help someone and maybe not.....wondered if anyone else has certain shots it helps them with.
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    pocketing balls when cold or out of rythym

    OK i know im probably reaching when i ask for help with this. And I have a feeling the answer is going to be countless hours of repitition.... I am a fair player and i think my ball pocketing is a strength especially when long or shots with a bit of angle.....Anyways its a strength when playing...
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    dropping straight down

    well all of u instructors are always so helpful so i figured i would ask.....for me when i drop straight down onto a shot meaning no forward or backward or sideways motion of the head i seem to see the "picture" better when im down on the yall teach this??? just wondering i learned...
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    alignment after the shot

    when you practice the straight in mother drill should your cue be directly in line with the shot......I can hit the shot well with no movement but my cue is always to the left slightly......i have read that everyone has a slight cross swing in there follow thru.....Is this a problem that should...
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    Is strength required for certain shots??

    Just wondering what some of u instructors thought about strength playing a factor in situations where u have to hit the ball hard and are not on the cleanest newest cloth.....for instance if one were 7 diamonds away from the object ball and wanted to draw back an 8 diamond length diagonally...
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    white diamonds updates??

    anybody know???
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    jump cue suggestions...Diamond wood?

    going to get a dedicated jump cue.....was wondering how the diamond wood ones compared to the traditional ones.....interested in something that gets the ball up really easily.....i saw josh roberts do some amazing jumps with the jacoby sure he can probably jump with a broom handle...
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    where to get jb cases in usa

    Im trying to skimp out on shipping fees......does anyone know where i can get a jb rugged basic in the USA?? called a few places and used google no dice yet....I pmed mr barton himself and he hasnt got back to me sure he will soon but i want to order asap
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    pleasant surprise from pool lesson

    So I finally got a lesson from a real pool instructor......I already play pretty well and have alot of playing knowledge....i just figured it couldnt hurt and i might learn something. I was looking for more consistancy in my game.....he told me my mechanics were very good but showed me a couple...
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    new pr aedator 314-3 question

    I had the original 314 and it really hit like shit and i didnt get any noticeable increase in action.........the ob performed and hit way better so i have played with an ob for past 5 years.......I recently tried a 314-3 and i love the hit and i dont have to adjust aim from my ob, and the action...
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    new predator 314-3 shaft.....or whole cue

    SOLD!!!! i have a brand new SP6GN predator sneaky.......i will sell the shaft or the cue all together......250 for the shaft and 435 for the cue.......i take paypal u pay the 3 % if u want to do it that way or u can gift it.....up to you.....won it in a league 2 days ago.....non...
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    Alignment with english

    Obviously I align center ball and down the cue on center ball shots......I place my cue dorectly under my right eye and i think im pretty good at seeing center cue ball judging by practicing long and straight in.......i make a high percentage and the cue ball stops dead with no spin.....My...
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    Are Win and Instroke cases the same??

    Hope this is right section to post...I was wondering If the instroke saddle and Win cases are the same or both made by instroke....Side by side they both look the same..identical really....If they are not the same where are Win cases made???.Just curious
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    ladder drill 9 ball

    can someone please explain this or draw it out. i saw a very old thread on here but u have to have adobe shockwave or something. also is this the same thing as the 9 pointed star drill or a variation of it. also i hear it is progressive also want to know how change it around thanks in advance.
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    rail extensions?

    i have a 1975 gandy hustler which is almost exactly the same as a big g. pockets are 5 1/2 and i want 4 1/4 and 4 3/4 in the sides. oh my table is in like new condition. bought it from an old man. any ways what type of rails are they k66 or k66 international(k55) . i heard the 1975 k66...