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  • Thanks for the greeen Matt. Without Him, none of us would even be here or any where else except for maybe in His Thoughts! Take Care, Rick
    Hi,Matt,i am intrested in the Omen 6 point Cocobola w Elephant Ear Wrap.So,it will take you some time to tell me some details about this cue:
    1.if the Omen 6 point Cocobola w Elephant Ear Wrap Cue is straight together and apart? long the cus used,and Pete make it in which years?
    3.Can you post some pics of forearm screw.
    Best Regards,
    Yes pruchased a Predator shaft from me in Rocky Mount.....we met in Burlington when you streamed the event that Earl won.
    Great live streaming Matt, it was great to meet you at Diamond Billiards this weekend. Keep up the great work buddy!!
    Hey Matt. let me know which motel is closest to the poolroom for Gem City. I am trying to make some plans to be there. Hope rooms aren't booked yet! Hope you are well! David
    larry was down 4-1 came back to 8-5 onthe hill and then eddie caught up hill hill before larry got out and won the tournament.
    yuor friend oldzilla aka poolzilla
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